11 May 2009

How to earn more money with Adgitize

Some persons may know already about Adgitize, the Network with World Class Advertising on a Blogger's Budget (only 14 $ for one month, exposure on 1.500 member blogs!).

Here are some tips to get more out of this traffic and money making program:

How to get more or even all points daily?

  1. You get points for publish one quality article each day. No matter how many blogs you add, you only get 100 points for one article (if you have two blogs and publish on each a post, you don't get 200 points!)
    Advice: Publish daily ONE article!

  2. There are at the moment more than 120 advertisers active in Adgitize. If you want to reach the 100 points for each day, you have to click on 100 ads that are available by "chain-clicking" the members web pages. When you reached 100 advertisers, the number 100 will show up (there are steps between already like 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 60...)!
    Advice: Click daily all available ads!

  3. Increase your Page and Ad views with the help of Entrecard. If you join Entrecard, you can drop cards on other blogs. Usually most of the members drop their cards back on your blog which means you get additional traffic. This increases your Page view and Ad view points in Adgitize and gives you some more comments and followers for your blog!
    Advice: Open an account in Entrecard (more about Entrecard and how to make money with it on Cornymans Moneypage ;-) )!

  4. Double your Ad views by publishing two Adgitize Ad Groups on your blog/website. You are allowed to show 10 ads. So you can choose one single ad group and another group would be with nine ads. Or you can choose different ad groups but in a sum it should be not more than 10 ads!
    Advice: Put two times the Ad code on your blog!

  5. Advice: Advertise with Adgitize and get 100 additional advertising points (50+ visits/clicks on your ads are needed)!
How much money do i get for my points?

There is no fixed price for the points. The amount of your earnings is depending on the daily available amount from the advertisement revenue from Adgitize. There is no guarantee that these number might be the same in the future!

Here are some figures which have been published by the founder of Adgitize, Ken Brown and from my own experience:

0 to 99 points: 0.01 $
100 to 199 points: 0.02 - 0.03 $
200 to 299 points: 0.15 - 0.28 $
300 to 400 points: 0.30 - 0.50 $
400 to 500 points: 0.51 - 0.88 $

How easy can it be to achieve more than 200 points each day to earn a decent amount?

Look at my advice list and you see that you have to do only two things daily!
  1. Publish ONE article on your blog - 100 points

  2. Click all available ads - another 100 points

  3. Get more traffic/page views - i got usually around 100 to 250 page views which equals to 1.500 to 3.000 ad views, for that you can get 10 page view points and 25 ad view points. After joining as advertiser and dropping more cards in Entrecard my page views reached 2.000 to 2.700 equal to over 10.000 ad views, for this you will receive 60 page view points and 100 ad view points.
    100 points are available when you get daily around 10.000 page views :-(

  4. Advertise on Adgitize and get the spent money one month later back:
    Like you can see, you can earn around 35 to 60 cents more each day when you would advertise (and visit other blogs + blog yourself each day), this would mean you earn 11 $ - 18 $ more each month. And one month advertisement is just 14 $!

  5. Find referrals for Adgitize and earn additional up to 5 $ for their first advertisement and if they prolong their advertisement, you will get 1$ for every monthly renewal!
I have a special offer for Entrecard members:

You will get
  1. 500 ECs for joining Adgitize (putting the code on your blogs) and
If you decide to advertise with Adgitize
  1. you will get 3 $ via paypal (after approval from Adgitize)

04 May 2009

The facts about the swine flu - H1N1 virus

Some short facts about the "swine flu":

  • At the moment there is a high accumulation of cases and deaths. The accumulation of cases happens with every illness which can be transferred by coughing, sneezing and body contact (touching hands, kissing...) compare it with the normal influenza which many persons get each year

  • The virus is not just transmitted from the pigs. It is an unusual hybrid virus from different animals + human and from different locations of the world:
    Avian and swine virus from North America, swine flu strain from Asia and a human influenza strain.
    How can a pig in Mexico get a swine flu strain from Asia? Never saw a flying pig ;-)
    Are Pigs the real infectious reason for it or does the disease just need a new name?
    Most possible it is a laboratory generated virus, isn't it?

  • Comparing the bird flu with the normal influenza will have similarities with the actual swine flu!
    There have been over 400 human bird flu cases since 2003, over 250 persons died afterwards
    Actually there are 1490 official cases reported by the WHO and 30 of them died in the last days (Source: Influenza A (H1N1) - update 16 - 5th May 2009, daily one or two updates!) .
    Looks like there are less death persons than from the "bird flu", just more swine flu cases at once.
    Deaths by the normal influenza (in the United States of America): 36.000 per year, worldwide up to 500.000, bird flu death toll on average 40 per year!

  • UPDATE 05.05.2009: Schools should not be anymore closed if a kid shows symptoms of swine flu
    Short summary of the news:
    The kids should just stay seven days at home, Swine flu no more dangerous than the seasonal flu!
The only tips i want to give:
  1. Take care of your hygiene,
  2. wash your hands more often each day,
  3. avoid crowded place like public transportation, Fast food restaurants (many youths who don't care that much about clean hands ;-))
  4. look out for signs in other persons but don't think everyone who sneezes has the swine flu :-)
  5. Give your immune system in advance the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
Good luck, stay healthy and happy, don't panic!!


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