25 December 2009

Twitter: How to unfollow a list

Many members of Twitter use the new list feature already and made additional followers for their own lists. But there are also some cases in which members build lists to warn other members about the included list members.

These cases can include
  • Spam
  • Idiots
  • political incorrect words
I guess you won't be included in a list who is called

  1. My Spammers
  2. Idiotic tweeter
  3. Dumb-ass
In this case you have to unfollow this list.

Step 1:

Visit the profile of the member from whose list you want to disappear.

Step 2:

Click on the TOOL button beside the LIST Button

Step 3:

Click on BLOCK (Twitter user name)


After you blocked the member, you won't be anymore on the list of this member!

If you want to follow the member again simply "unblock" the member by clicking on the link in the profile, you still are no more on the list (until the member would put you up again).

18 December 2009

Adgitize / EntreCard-Members: Join my Twitter list @cornyman !

In the last week i started to build two twitter lists for Adgitize and EntreCard members. With these lists you can track the events and messages from the members easily, no distraction from other tweets!

One advantage of these lists are that you don't have to follow all these members, you just follow the list and can choose which of the included members you like to follow (so your time line won't get messed up with unnecessary tweets :) ).

In case you want to join and follow the list simply leave me a comment on this post or send me an @cornyman (click this link) in Twitter, please include in your comment/message if you are only EntreCard/Adgitize member or both.

That's all, i will add you to my list and you can follow these lists already now:



Have fun and start connecting with other EntreCard and Adgitize members!

By the way on Cornyman's Money-Blog has already the $ 777 Adgitize Ad Giveaway started!

10 December 2009

Our Holiday-Contest winner!

Congratulations to the 10 winners:

Not all members who dropped cards commented on all five blogs, so i only took the persons who commented on the specific blog into the drawing.

If someone won the same prize on another blog, this prize has been put back and was chosen again for another blog.

Winner of the ad prizes should comment on this blog and give me a link to their ad image which they want to display or tell me if i can use the EntreCard ad image!

The prizes for the other blogs will be published day by day :)

08 December 2009

The Girl who silenced the WORLD for 5 minutes!

Now are again the days when the politicians meet again in Copenhagen to debate about the climate change and how they could regulate the trade of the emissions or change the mix of the energy resources (OIL, GAS, COAL, SUN, WIND, WATER).

In the end we will see which of the lobbyists are working in the background and who of them spends the most money to achieve that their goal (not the goal of protecting our earth) will be promoted as the biggest achievement for a "better" future.

HERE IS WHY WE wouldn't need these climate conferences at all!

Disclose.tv The Girl Who Silenced The World For 5 Minutes Video

Listen to this 12 year old girl what she tells the politicians in 1992 in the EARTH SUMMIT in Rio de Janeiro.
If the world could see this video in the MAIN STREAM MEDIA
instead of the talking of politicians (especially this year the focus will be on President OBAMA, even when he attends the conference just for ONE DAY!), there would be so much pressure on the leaders to really make decision which would help the whole world (and the kids in the our future!) and NOT ONLY the BIG INDUSTRY!

Here is the biography of this courageous girl (now woman)!

Severn Cullis-Suzuki
(born November 30, 1979) was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. While attending Lord Tennyson Elementary School in French Immersion, at the age of nine, she founded the Environmental Children's Organization, a group of children dedicated to learning and teaching other kids about environmental issues.

In 1992, at the age of 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO, to attend the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Along with group members Michelle Quigg, Vanessa Suttie, and Morgan Geisler, Cullis-Suzuki presented environmental issues from a youth perspective at the summit, where she was applauded for a speech to the delegates. In 1993, she was honoured in the United Nations Environment Program's Global 500 Roll of Honour.

In 1993, Doubleday published her book Tell the World (ISBN 0-385-25422-9), a 32-page book of environmental steps for families.

Cullis-Suzuki graduated from Yale University in 2002 with a B.Sc. in ecology and evolutionary biology. After Yale, Cullis-Suzuki spent two years traveling. Cullis-Suzuki co-hosted Suzuki's Nature Quest, a children's television series that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2002.

In early 2002, she helped launch an Internet-based think tank called The Skyfish Project. As a member of Kofi Annan's Special Advisory Panel, she and members of the Skyfish Project brought their first project, a pledge called the "Recognition of Responsibility", to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in August 2002. The Skyfish Project disbanded in 2004 as Cullis-Suzuki turned her focus back to school and enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Victoria to study ethnobotany under Nancy Turner.

19 November 2009

Do you want FREE advertising for your blog?

All you have to do is... just drop your EntreCards on one or more of the our mentioned blogs and make ONE comment on this post for having the chance to win FREE Advertising on The One Minute Guide (from 19th to 27th November).

The prizes have a worth of more than 200$, you can see them on this Holiday-Contest post. If you do a blog post about this Holiday-Contest, you can get some free ECs, too.

13 November 2009

Prevent cancer with these 10 foods ingredients!

In case you heard from other persons who had already cancer, it's most likely that they will tell you of a life changing event. Many of these cancer survivors will tell you that it is important to find the right foods which
  • will help your body to regain strength and
  • help you to keep you much healthier after you won the fight
  • could prevent cancer in your body at all
The modern research has shown that some ingredients in fruits and vegetables exists which help them to prevent developing diseases!

These "chemicals" are called phytochemicals and some of them can be found in:

  1. Flavonoids: found in red cabbage, beetroot, red onion and tomatoes, which inhibits cancer.

  2. Glucosinolates: found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables, which were found to prevent cancer of the intestines.

  3. Carotenoids: found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables; stimulates the immune system.

  4. Sulfides: found in onions, garlic, chives as well as spring onions; they have anti cancer protection.

  5. Lycopene: found in tomatoes, reduces the risk of both prostate and breast cancer.

  6. Sulforaphane: are in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables believed to aid in the preventing some types of cancer.

These phytochemicals are in freshly grown plant food but are destroyed or removed by modern processing.

The following food items have been found beneficial to a person with cancer:
  1. Red grapes: which contain resperatrol, also found in red wine.

  2. Turmeric: a member of the ginger family. Its active ingredients are curcumin and possesses numerous anti cancer properties. This is the yellow in curry powder.

  3. Garlic: contains allium and several studies has shown it to be an anti cancer agent.

  4. Ginger: has an anti cancer effect on the human body as it blocks the tendency of some carcinogens to cause mutations in the DNA.

As always, i'm not a doctor and everyone is responsible for their own actions. This is just a compilation of foods which could be preventing cancer and stopping the money-intensive treatments in chemo therapies and so on.
For sure, most of the doctors don't want to tell you this as they make a living from sick clients and not from healthy ones.

But it's always better to prevent disease yourself than taking your time to wait at the doctor for giving you some medicines which have sometimes more side effects than doing much good to your body.

29 October 2009

How to use Google to get the best results -Part I-

Google, Inc.

What are you doing when you open Google ?

Do you just type in a keyword or a sentence and look on the first page which results Google presents you?

Hmm, perhaps you should take another look at Google and use it's full power by choosing different settings for your search results?

Here my series of "How to get the best search results with Google" will start. You will find a lot of new options and settings to get better search results and perhaps find some other interesting stuff with Google!

Show options

Did you recognize already that after you entered your keyword, you will see in the top left corner under the search term a link named "Show options"?

What is hidden behind this link?

First of all, it will open a small menu on the left hand side of your search results. There you can find the following items and new search and filter options

  1. All results, video, blogs, forums
  2. Any time, recent results, results from the last hour, 24 hours, past week, past year, specific date range
  3. Standard view, Related searches, Wonder wheel
  4. Standard results, Image from the pages, Fewer/more shopping sites, more text
Let's look for today on the first two options. Sometimes you just want to find results which are not from the mainstream media or the news agencies.

Therefore you can choose now more precisely the information, may it be just what persons are writing about this topic on their blogs or in forums or if they posted some videos about your specific keyword.

Now you could narrow your results a little bit more by not only choosing a specific website category but also by choosing different time frames.

If the news is so actual like perhaps the death of a celebrity like Micheal Jackson, in this case it happen that Google shows you older news at first as they are already established and kind of "branded"!
Then it could be necessary that you just want to see the most actual news which were released in the last hour or in the past 24 hours. Click the links and you will get the desired results within a second.

After you choose one of the time options, another option appears - Sort by relevance or sort by date. You can play with these now, too. Usually relevance is more useful for me :)

It will be from now on an easy game for youb y clicking the link "Show options" to find faster, easier and better search results in Google!

Next time we look at the last two options and some more tweaks for better search results in Google!

Image via Wikipedia

25 October 2009

Apology for the Blog Layout!

I'm sorry that the blog is at the moment without any graphics :(

I'm using a FREE Blogger template for this blog and the person who provided this template does seldom upgrade his Photobucket account.

It seems in the last two months that his bandwidth gets exceeded in the last week of each month. I hope i can download the pictures as soon as his account is upgraded again.

I thought perhaps it's better now to store the used pictures here in Blogger/Picassa as they provide 1 Gigabyte free space and unlimited download volume and you could open several accounts for free with each of them giving you additional 1 Gigabyte free space :)
But on the other side it's quite time-consuming to change the link code for each picture.

23 October 2009

Save Money, use Freeware!

Free!In case you never heard about Freeware yet:

It's software which is completely free of charge. You can download it and copy it as often as you want and share it with your friends and relatives.

There is a lot of free software in the Internet available for each category you can think of from Antivirus-Programs to Games, from Anti-Spyware to Firewall and Security-Programs, you even can get a FREE Office-Program (OpenOffice.org) instead of buying the expensive Microsoft Office Package.

Some of these freeware programs are even better than the paid versions of their opponents. Give it a try, you will love it, too!

Here are some websites which offer you this kind of software as freeware or shareware!

  • FileHippo.com
    My favorite website as they also provide the FREE update checker which looks for new updates of their supported programs!

  • BrotherSoft.com
    Over 100.000 Programs available, some are Shareware which means it's sometimes with a time limit or you have to pay money to get all functions!

  • Freeware Files
    Over 14.000 programs available, lot of updates

  • Nonags.com
    Thousands of titles that are tested, rated, reviewed and safety approved.
Picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/klabusta/ / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

18 October 2009

How to get rid of ants -Part II-

This article is a compilation of the comments i received from my first article about How to get rid of ants in the house / kitchen.

The advices of the following visitors have been:


Ant traps are always an option. Try to put them where the ants enter the house, that way it's the first thing they find and carry the yummy poison home right away.

I'm pretty sure I also heard that ants wont cross a line of salt. So if you know where they come in, you can make a barrier. This isn't a permanent solution, just something to help while you clean up whatever is attracting them. I'd double check that one though.

Daisy the Curly Cat wrote:

Well, it doesn't get rid of the ants, but there is a great product called "The Antser." It's a small raised platform that has a water-filled moat on the inside. The ants cannot cross the barrier. Use it to put pet food bowls and the ants stay out of the food. You can also place your kitchen trash can on it to keep the ants away. And it's completely safe and non-toxic!

1. Boil a pot of water.
2. Dissolve in some sugar (about one cup).
3. Add Boric Acid (amount equal to the sugar).
4. Boil for two minutes.
5. Let cool.
6. Leave in saucers or containers that ants can get into around the house.
7. Wait.

Ants will find the sweet mixture and start to eat it and take it back to the hive. It will at first appear that your ant problem will get worse, but then it should stop completely.
What happens is that the boric acid will dehydrate them and then they will die in the hive but, not before they deliver more "poison" to the hive. This mixture is should be kept away from animals and children but, is unlikely to harm them.

i use cayenne pepper (have not tried the black pepper), and so far it is also very effective in scaring the ants away.

Krystal from Solsisters Handbags wrote

Very lightly dust counters (almost so you can't even see it) with boric acid
Lucky Girl from Make everyday your lucky day mentioned

My favorite ant fixer is instant grits. Sprinkle them around the problem areas dry (it doesn't work if the grits get wet). The ants will eat the grits, the grits swell with the moisture in the ant's digestive system, and POP! go the ants.
Thank you to everyone for your suggestion. I hope these new suggestions might also been helpful for other readers who face the problem "How can i get rid of ants in my house / kitchen".

24 September 2009

TOP Answers about SEO -Part Three-

7. How do I Optimize My Web Pages?

For a good start in optimizing your web pages it's necessary to place your keywords in the right location. Search engines look at first to the link of your post/website, then the title of your website, headings, subheadings. Important is the content on your page, too but they primarily focus on the first paragraph.

If your domain name includes already your primary keyword, you will have an easier start. It tells the search engine spiders immediately what your site is about.

Title Tag
Your title tag is the line of text that appears on search engine results pages that acts as a link to your site. This is a crucial element of your web page as it describes to your visitors what your page is about.

Keeping your title tags brief, descriptive, up to date, and keyword rich will help to improve the relevance of your site in the eyes of the search engines, as well as giving your potential visitors a good idea of what they can expect from your site.

Meta Tags have lost their importance to the search engines, however, it is still helpful to place your keywords in your meta tags.

8. Do I Need to Submit My Site to The Search Engines?

The simple answer is - no. Search engine spiders are always out there doing their job and collecting information. Every time you update your website, add content, or change your keywords, the search engines capture the information and record it.

However, if you want to be listed in a directory, like the DMOZ Open Directory Project, then you will need to submit to those.

9. What are Spiders?

Search engine spiders are also called web crawlers or bots. They're basically automated programs which scan websites to provide information to search engines often for the purpose of indexing or ranking them.

10. How does Content Help My SEO?

Content is one of the best tools to improve your search engine ranking. It is a great place to emphasize keywords, encourage linking to your site, and boost traffic.

The key to content is to make sure you're offering quality content and you're updating your website and your content frequently.

Content can be provided in many forms including:
• Blogs
• Forums and chat rooms
• Articles
• Reviews
• Case studies
• Reports
• How to guides
• Tutorials
• e-books and much more.

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18 September 2009

TOP Answers about SEO -Part TWO-

4. What are Link Farms and Link Exchanges?

As Search engines don't accept any link they came up in connection with your website, the given link should be from a relevant quality website. Don't participate in link farming. Search engines will penalize you, in case they think your links are lack of quality.

Both -Link farming and link exchanging- are the essence of exchanging reciprocal links with Web sites in order to improve your search engine ranking. But a link farm is a Web page that solely purpose is to link to other sites. Simply stay away from link farms.

When you generate a link from another site, it is better to be relevant to your niche and should come from a real web site.

5. Take care of Duplicate Content!

The definition of duplicate content is from a web page which contains the identical content. Search engines will give you a penalty for this.
How can you avoid duplicate content?
By not publishing the same article in several locations for example submitting to different article directories. Use the tools that are available online to help you re-write your content so that it is 30%, 40%, and even 50% different.
However, the best way to avoid duplicate content is to simply write new content.

6. How do I Find the Right Keywords?

There are several steps to finding the most profitable keywords. The first step is to generally do a bit of brainstorming and come up with a list of keywords you think people will use in search engines to find your website or products.
The next step is to research supply and demand for those particular keywords. In our case supply means how many other websites are using those same keywords and demand is how many people are looking for those particular keywords.The key is to find keywords with high demand and relatively low supply.
There are many effective and useful keyword tools to help you find this information and to generate keyword ideas. Once you decide on a few keywords, it may be useful to do a bit of testing before you commit to them.

To be continued soon...

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29 August 2009

TOP Answers about SEO -Part ONE-

1. What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Everyone uses Search Engines to find relevant articles, may it be one of the Big Three, Google, Yahoo and Bing or some of the other hundreds smaller search engines.
To find what you are searching for, the search engines use spiders who crawl through millions of web pages in the World Wide Web.
Here is the point when SEO comes into the game!
It's about the question what search engines are looking for. Therefore you have to put it in the right places on your website and in your content.
The answer: Keywords and Links. It's about the keywords on your webpage content (sidebar), keywords in your html coding (anchor text), keywords in your content (posts), and the number of incoming links you have to your website.

2. Why is SEO important for me as website/blog owner?

Let's ask yourself another question. What do you think would be better, some visitors who stumble and digg upon your website or hundreds of visitors which click on your website's link with the direct intention of reading your interesting posts and getting soon your regular readers or making even a purchase?

Getting on one of the first three pages of the search engine results can mean the difference between keeping your day job and or making a living from your website as one of the internet millionaires. :-)

3. The importance of Text Links in SEO!

Text links are used as a tool to improve your search engine optimization. The more quality links you have, the better your search engine ranking will be. Text links are links that contain only text. Wikipedia is a great place to examine internal text links. The links are contained within a sentence and when a reader clicks on them they are taken to a different page on the same website. The kind of text links you're looking for will be text links that will take readers from your article, ebook, or web copy to your website.

One of the best tools to generate incoming links is to write copy for online audiences like article directories, blogs (guest posts) and ezines and insert text links in the copy. Webmasters will link to the content and thus to your site.
If you allow free reprints of your copy including that your links have to be maintained, you're encouraging links to your website.

To be continued soon...

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18 August 2009

How can i maximize my earnings in Adgitize?

Adgitize Firework contest - win cash prizes and ads In June i earned over 20$ (payment proof), in July and August again more than 20$, deducting the advertising cost of 14$ it's a gain of more than 6$ + over 2.500 visitors. This means i got paid + visitors!

It's one more good reason to join Adgitize and the other one will follow soon!

In case you don't know yet, there are already new earning opportunities.

How can i maximize my earnings in Adgitize?

Look at my earn more money with Adgitize list and you see that you have to do only two things daily!
  1. Publish ONE article on your blog - 100 points

  2. Click all available ads - another 100 points

  3. Get more traffic/page views - Put two ad groups with a maximum of 10 ads on your blogs. I got usually around 100 to 250 page views which equals to 1.500 to 3.000 ad views, for that you can get 10 page view points and 25 ad view points. After joining as advertiser and dropping more cards in Entrecard my page views reached 2.000 to 2.700 equal to over 10.000 ad views, for this you will receive 60 page view points and 100 ad view points.
    100 points are available when you get daily around 10.000 page views :-(

  4. Advertise on Adgitize and get the spent money one month later back:
    You can earn around 35 to 50 cents more each day when you would advertise (and visit other blogs + blog yourself each day), this would mean you earn 11 $ - 18 $ more each month. And one month advertisement is just 14 $!

  5. Find referrals for Adgitize and earn additional up to 5 $ for their first advertisement and if they prolong their advertisement, you will get 1$ for every monthly renewal!
I have an special offer for Entrecard members:

You will get
  1. 500 ECs for joining Adgitize (putting the code on your blogs) and
If you decide to advertise (the first time) with Adgitize
  1. you will get 50% of my referral earnings (3$) via paypal (after approval from Adgitize), if you continue to advertise the following months you'll get each month 0,50 $ Cashback!

21 July 2009

How to get rid of ANTS in the house / kitchen?

How to get rid of ants
Everyone has seen these little intelligent creatures (ants) walking around in the garden, on the street or even in your own house and especially in the kitchen.

Now the question is how can you get rid of the ants once they invaded your house?

Usually they didn't find anything to eat outside or some of the explorer ants walked accidentely into your house and found some sugar particles on the floor.
After that the explorer runseto his friends in the garden and tells them about the new food source. And now their journey will begin. Suddenly there will be more than 10 ants walking into your house, some are explorer ants who look for more food sources in your house / kitchen, some are the workers who carry the food back to their "house".

How can we stop the ants of continuing this journey?

  1. Clean the affected area with vinegar, especially the path where the ants are walking. Usually they use a scent so that the other ants know where to go!

  2. Try to use these things to get rid of ants:

    • Black pepper,
    • bay leaves
    • Baking powder
    • Corn Meal
    • and/or Baby powder.

    Baking powder let's the ant's stomach get bigger and bigger until it explodes, Baby powder (with talc inside!) dries out the body of the ants. Be aware a little bit of Baby powder because the talc can cause cancer.

  3. Put all sweet and oily foods in airthight containers because on some days the like sweet things on other days oily things.

  4. Clean the sink and don't let the dishes in the sink unwashed or filled with water as they also need to drink little water!
Can anyone continue the list with some more tips on how to get rid of these intelligent little creatures called ants?

13 July 2009

What is Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a word connected with the statistics of your website. It's one of the important indicators how successful your website's content is to other visitors (quality visit!).

Google's definition of the bounce rate:
The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page’.
This means that a reader just looked at your main or landing page (in case you gave a direct link to one of your articles) and afterwards the reader bounced off your page (left it via another link or closed the window).

How can i lower my bounce rate?

For some owner of websites it's important to lower their bounce rate. There are different methods which you can try to get a better figure of your bounce rate:

  1. Write more often an article instead of just once a week
  2. Lower the shown articles on your blog's entrance page from 7 to 3.
  3. Make suggestions at the end of each article which other articles might be of interest on your website (3 to 5 other post should be enough)
  4. Write Articles in several parts, keep user attracted to read through them
  5. Try to use pictures and catchy, sometimes controversial titles
  6. Try different designs and navigation methods once in a while
Sometimes it's not possible to lower your bounce rate significantly because of certain specific content (for example dictonaries, product reviews, sales page) or if you use certain kind of traffic exchange where you get rewarded by watching or just opening a website and after a specific time you can close it and move on to the next one.

Do you have any other methods to reduce your bounce rate? Share them in the comments, they are all welcome and help other readers to lower their own bounce rate!

04 July 2009

What is cardiac arrest?

I'm sure everyone heard in the last week about cardiac arrest. Why? Because the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was delievered after suffering from cardiac arrest in the hospital.

What does cardiac arrest mean and how does it affect the person that it was so deadly for Michael Jackson?

Cardiac arrest is a sudden disturbance in the heart's rhythm which can cause a complete stop of the heart or such a slowing down that life is no more sustainable! Every year around 330.000 Americans die because of cardiac arrest (Michael Jackson is not alone, perhaps it helps to bring some light on this severe body condition!).
In opposition to a heart attack, where the heart is still beating, cardiacarrest has to be treated immidiately, if not you will suffer from sudden cardiac death (SCD).

If cardiac arrest appears before a baby reaches 6 months, it's often called sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Another point is that is found more often in the black population compared to the white one. Hispanic population have a lower risk than non-Hispanic, too!

23 June 2009

How to get popular within EntreCard!

EntreCardThe question of getting and being popular in EntreCard will be important for many new or already established members. Several factors have to be considered which i will explain in this short guide.

What does Popularity mean and how is it calculated?
  1. Popularity means that you gained a lot of members of EntreCard who drop their cards on your blog widget.
  2. The popularity number is always calculated from the card drops within the last FIVE days. this means e.g. for this blog i have a number of around 700 at the moment. On average 140 person dropped their card/visited the blog each day!
How to increase your popularity?

There are five possibilities to increase your popularity:
  1. Drop as much cards as possible, at best the maximum of 300 cards! Try to drop on members which will drop back, these are most likely the members with many points (sometimes they can't drop back anymore because they reached already the 300 drops before you dropped on them :( )

  2. Advertise on blogs with high popularity points (it makes a difference if you advertise on a blog with 700 points or on a blog with over 2.000 points like the one from The Admaster) even it costs you up to 4.096 ECs.
    But over 400 members who drop their card on that day and see your ad, a big part of them get curious what's behind this advertisement!

  3. Consider to make a paid advertisement. It's relatively cheap to place this ad and it will be seen on a lot of blogs, chances are high that someone will click on your ad because it shows up nearly everywhere for the next one, two or three days (Entrecard offer Ads per 1.000 Page impressions for 0.60 $ shown on "all blogs" or for 1.20 $ shown only in one category -> Niche).

  4. Try to involve yourself in the EntreCard forum and contribute to the community in the Market, sell services or/and buy from the other members to increase your visibility.

  5. Use an attractive image which makes other members curious so that they click on it.

Advantages of being popular in Entrecard

  1. You get a greater visibility to other members within Entrecard when you reach the TOP 15 members of your category (in my case "Mixed Bag"). This will usually be displayed at first unless you change the setting in the Campaigns to more rows.

  2. If you can reach the overall TOP 15 members, your visibility is the greatest because this will be shown everytime when somebody clicks on the Popular-Tab!

  3. The Advertising price on your widget will rise from the previous price faster and faster. You will get a big portion each day for more advertisement on high popularity blogs or for a big cashout -> Up to 50% of the Advertising price will be booked in your account each day!
Which tips do you have for the EntreCard members? What can you add to this guide?
leave some comments !

20 June 2009

How to avoid being banned from Google Adsense

Today it happened, Google Adsense banned/disabled my account :-(
Seems they didn't like that i had on several days a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of over 10%. They wrote in their e-mail the following words:


While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team
I know that i had days when there have been only a few visitors to this blog for example and then there was one click on the Adsense-Ad.
  1. Can i prevent a click from someone or should i make a warning... stop clicking because i have only you as visitor and Google will take this as a click fraud?

  2. Do you think the easiest way to earn with Adsense is by clickin g your ads on your blog? For sure, it's the fastest way to get banned from Adsense!

  3. And yes there are some guys who click on ads and they want that you do the same on their blogs... Don't do this, Google is intelligent enough!

  4. Other guys try to fool Google with anonymizer software to hide their IP or to make them appear with different IPs... Don't think you can fool Google with this, sooner or later you get caught, too!

  5. Search in the internet for professional clicker.. Pay them 50 $ and more and they do the job and make you rich... until Google disables your account (most likely short before you reach the first or any payout!)

  6. Put Adsense-Code in your e-mails (not the one from Feedburner) and try to send this the members of your adress book or worse to a collected list of e-mail addresses... I guess, you know what will happen... many clicks for your Adsense account but not originated from your website -> Banned!

  7. You want to get your Adsense Account reinstated, please fill out our Invalid Activity Appeal Form with every detail about your visitors, how valuable these visitors are for the advertisers and so on. Would you fill out this form?

Hope you have more luck with your Adsense Account, especially when you have only 20% left to reach the payout!

12 June 2009

How to drop faster Entrecards

EntreCardThis is a post just for the members of Entrecard who
  • have less time but also want to earn some ECs for advertising on other blogs or for cashout
  • want to find the EntreCard-Widget faster
  • may need a "special" list of EntreCard members (instead of using the EntreCard-Inbox)
I found some pages which offer EntreCard lists for a faster dropping and at the end of this post some amazing tools (widget pop-up)/plug-in/add-ons:

  • The first one is from AskMrsRecipe, one of my loyal dropper -> EntreCard Droplist (more than 300 blogs)
  • The second one is from The Matthias Chronicles, loyal dropper, too -> EntreCard Droplist (more than 300 blogs, with screenshots)
  • In January Junkfoodaholic made an "above the fold" list. There the Drop Widget are all on/near the top of the page (no/less scrolling) -> EntreCard Above the fold Droplist

  • In May 2009 Blog with Wings made an "above the crease" list which is similar to Junkfoodaholic's list -> EntreCard Above the crease Droplist

  • Buraot made his "fast dropper list" already a year ago (by clicking on one of the number 10 Tabs will be opened automatically!) -> EntreDropper

  • For Slogbite members is also a special EntreCard Droplist available -> EntreCard Droplist

  • Special list for Chinese members (who cannot access Blogspot/Blogger.com-Webpages!). There is also a list for shared Adgitize/EntreCard-Blogs available (by clicking on one of the symbols several windows will be opened automatically!) -> EntreCard Non-Blogspot Droplist + Chinarens EC/Adgi Double Whammy Droplist

  • Trader's Hub has published his EntreCard Droplist in a widget which you can place on your blog and increase the page rank of everyone else (yourself included) -> EntreCard Droplist Widget

  • This list from Voice of Bragg is completely different. There you don't have to visit the webpage of the blogs. It just shows the little yellow "drop" button of the member. You click on it and then you have already visited the "blog" -> EntreCard Fast Droplist

  • On the website from ECATF you can find

    Their list include members who have a high popularity (means they drop back) and a second list provides members who display the Top Droppers on their Frontpage or give them once a month link love by posting their Top Droppers (backlinks)!

    They provide some additional tools for Adgitize and Entrecard on their frontpage.

  • There are some Ringsurf List available if you like to drop your cards this way (the widgets are usually above the fold) -> EntreCard Ringsurf Nr. 362 and EntreCard Ringsurf Nr. 876

  • On MamaFlo's Place you can find a "drop" list with blogs who don't accept paid ads (fully 24 hours exposure for your EC paid ads) -> No Paid Ad Blog Droplist

  • The list at The Troubled Economy is from April 2009 and at the moment there are still over 100 links left so that the list reach the 300 mark! -> EntreCard Droplist

  • The list at To Make money online is very new, you can add your link there and can choose one of the nice badges for your blog, too -> EntreCard Droplist
  1. Another possiblity would be to create your own favorite list with the help of the EntreCard-Toolbar for Firefox. There you can add the blogs you like (or/and the one who dropped back at you) by clicking on the "Heart"-Symbol. The next time you only have to click on the arrow (when you want to open 10 windows immediately, click on the double arrow-symbol) and the favorite blog(s) will be displayed.

  2. Now we get to the ultimate fast Dropper-Entrecard-Tool. Today Dustin from Blogfiction posted his Entrecard-Pop-up tool for Firefox.

    In connection with the Firefox Browser, the add-on Greasemonkey and his tool-code it's possible that the Entrecard-Widget will be always displayed in the left corner of your page!

    Just open all the desired EntreCard windows and then let the Pop-up display the widget in the left corner, simply click with the mouse on the "Drop"-Button and close the actual window with Ctrl+F4 or change to the next window with Ctrl+Tab.

  3. For Wordpress you can download since one year a special Entrecard Popper Plugin (i saw it only once last week while dropping) which makes this pop-up automatically for your EntreCard widget (no matter which Internet Browser). Here you can download the WordPress Plugin Entrecard Popper.

Please inform me if you would like your own EntreCard Droplist mentioned in this article or if you have other methods which help the members to drop faster and easier our Entrecards!

08 June 2009

What is Twitter?

Twitter - social network and micro-blog

Twitter is already an establish social networking and micro-blogging website. It was founded in 2006.

Members of Twitter use this service to write/inform each other about their life, news or updates. These updates are called tweets.

Tweets are up to 140 characters long messages which can be sent directly to other members (called followers) or which are posted on your own profile page. There they are available for everyone to read.

Twitter doesn't announce how many user they have but it is estimated that there are over 6 million accounts.

On Twittercounter you can see your own statistic about your growing followers and you can watch the statistics from other members, e.g. the TOP 10 with the most followers.

If you are looking for new or more followers who follow you back to increase your exposure, you can have a look on these websites.
They are free of charge and you can get at the moment more than 400 followers. This section will be updated with new Twitter-"follower"-services in the coming weeks!

  1. Twitterfollower.com
  2. Get more Twitter followers
If you want to follow me, click here.

11 May 2009

How to earn more money with Adgitize

Some persons may know already about Adgitize, the Network with World Class Advertising on a Blogger's Budget (only 14 $ for one month, exposure on 1.500 member blogs!).

Here are some tips to get more out of this traffic and money making program:

How to get more or even all points daily?

  1. You get points for publish one quality article each day. No matter how many blogs you add, you only get 100 points for one article (if you have two blogs and publish on each a post, you don't get 200 points!)
    Advice: Publish daily ONE article!

  2. There are at the moment more than 120 advertisers active in Adgitize. If you want to reach the 100 points for each day, you have to click on 100 ads that are available by "chain-clicking" the members web pages. When you reached 100 advertisers, the number 100 will show up (there are steps between already like 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 60...)!
    Advice: Click daily all available ads!

  3. Increase your Page and Ad views with the help of Entrecard. If you join Entrecard, you can drop cards on other blogs. Usually most of the members drop their cards back on your blog which means you get additional traffic. This increases your Page view and Ad view points in Adgitize and gives you some more comments and followers for your blog!
    Advice: Open an account in Entrecard (more about Entrecard and how to make money with it on Cornymans Moneypage ;-) )!

  4. Double your Ad views by publishing two Adgitize Ad Groups on your blog/website. You are allowed to show 10 ads. So you can choose one single ad group and another group would be with nine ads. Or you can choose different ad groups but in a sum it should be not more than 10 ads!
    Advice: Put two times the Ad code on your blog!

  5. Advice: Advertise with Adgitize and get 100 additional advertising points (50+ visits/clicks on your ads are needed)!
How much money do i get for my points?

There is no fixed price for the points. The amount of your earnings is depending on the daily available amount from the advertisement revenue from Adgitize. There is no guarantee that these number might be the same in the future!

Here are some figures which have been published by the founder of Adgitize, Ken Brown and from my own experience:

0 to 99 points: 0.01 $
100 to 199 points: 0.02 - 0.03 $
200 to 299 points: 0.15 - 0.28 $
300 to 400 points: 0.30 - 0.50 $
400 to 500 points: 0.51 - 0.88 $

How easy can it be to achieve more than 200 points each day to earn a decent amount?

Look at my advice list and you see that you have to do only two things daily!
  1. Publish ONE article on your blog - 100 points

  2. Click all available ads - another 100 points

  3. Get more traffic/page views - i got usually around 100 to 250 page views which equals to 1.500 to 3.000 ad views, for that you can get 10 page view points and 25 ad view points. After joining as advertiser and dropping more cards in Entrecard my page views reached 2.000 to 2.700 equal to over 10.000 ad views, for this you will receive 60 page view points and 100 ad view points.
    100 points are available when you get daily around 10.000 page views :-(

  4. Advertise on Adgitize and get the spent money one month later back:
    Like you can see, you can earn around 35 to 60 cents more each day when you would advertise (and visit other blogs + blog yourself each day), this would mean you earn 11 $ - 18 $ more each month. And one month advertisement is just 14 $!

  5. Find referrals for Adgitize and earn additional up to 5 $ for their first advertisement and if they prolong their advertisement, you will get 1$ for every monthly renewal!
I have a special offer for Entrecard members:

You will get
  1. 500 ECs for joining Adgitize (putting the code on your blogs) and
If you decide to advertise with Adgitize
  1. you will get 3 $ via paypal (after approval from Adgitize)

04 May 2009

The facts about the swine flu - H1N1 virus

Some short facts about the "swine flu":

  • At the moment there is a high accumulation of cases and deaths. The accumulation of cases happens with every illness which can be transferred by coughing, sneezing and body contact (touching hands, kissing...) compare it with the normal influenza which many persons get each year

  • The virus is not just transmitted from the pigs. It is an unusual hybrid virus from different animals + human and from different locations of the world:
    Avian and swine virus from North America, swine flu strain from Asia and a human influenza strain.
    How can a pig in Mexico get a swine flu strain from Asia? Never saw a flying pig ;-)
    Are Pigs the real infectious reason for it or does the disease just need a new name?
    Most possible it is a laboratory generated virus, isn't it?

  • Comparing the bird flu with the normal influenza will have similarities with the actual swine flu!
    There have been over 400 human bird flu cases since 2003, over 250 persons died afterwards
    Actually there are 1490 official cases reported by the WHO and 30 of them died in the last days (Source: Influenza A (H1N1) - update 16 - 5th May 2009, daily one or two updates!) .
    Looks like there are less death persons than from the "bird flu", just more swine flu cases at once.
    Deaths by the normal influenza (in the United States of America): 36.000 per year, worldwide up to 500.000, bird flu death toll on average 40 per year!

  • UPDATE 05.05.2009: Schools should not be anymore closed if a kid shows symptoms of swine flu
    Short summary of the news:
    The kids should just stay seven days at home, Swine flu no more dangerous than the seasonal flu!
The only tips i want to give:
  1. Take care of your hygiene,
  2. wash your hands more often each day,
  3. avoid crowded place like public transportation, Fast food restaurants (many youths who don't care that much about clean hands ;-))
  4. look out for signs in other persons but don't think everyone who sneezes has the swine flu :-)
  5. Give your immune system in advance the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
Good luck, stay healthy and happy, don't panic!!

27 April 2009

Swine flu: What is pandemic and epidemic?

In the last days the two words pandemic and epidemic appeared nearly in each newspaper and television program.

They talked about the illness that is caused by the swine flu which has its origin in the USA/Mexico. At the moment over 100 persons died already - not directly because of the virus from the swine but the virus can affect the human body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is talking from an epidemic which could develop into a pandemic in the near future.

What is now exactly the difference between pandemic and epidemic?

Epidemic is a sickness which will affect thousands of persons within a specific area (country or even continent) and time frame (like at the moment many persons at the same time in Mexico and the USA).

Pandemic is when the epidemic is spreading from one country to several countries on different continents. In the past pandemics occur from persons who travelled worldwide by ship. In our time pandemics occur mainly by travelling with airplanes around the world.

Epidemic sicknesses are HIV, Bird/swine flu or SARS. The last flu epidemics have been in 1957 and 1968. They cost millions of persons their lives at that time.

23 April 2009

11 Tips: Free ways to get more traffic to your blog

Everyone who started a blog will get to the point where he wants that the world knows what you have written.

This point is called traffic in the Internet language.

Generating traffic for your blog or your website takes time in case you have just a few friends or relatives who visit your blog.

To get more traffic for free your blog follow one or all of these tips and you will see an increase of visitors!

  1. Write high quality and an unique content in your blog

  2. Keep adding content regularly

  3. Easy to remember domain/blog name

  4. Keywords in your images (and person who look just for pictures will visit your blog!)

  5. Improve your page titles

  6. Submit your blog/website to directories like Blogcatalog, MyBloglog, YouSayToo, Twitter and so on.

  7. Comment on other blogs with interesting content (not just -a nice blog- add some value to your comment!)

  8. RSS feeds by e-mail or for the Internet browser (Feedburner is one of the most interesting tools for promoting your blog for free, you even can place adds with a Google Adsense account and earn additional some cents/dollars!)

  9. Analyze your logs (best program is Google Analytic for free, put the code in your blog and see who visit your page, what they read, how long they stay and so on!)

  10. Use a signature with the links to your blog/website (in forums/e-mails)

  11. Give-away something for free in exchange with comments or articles about your give-away on their blog (you'll get backlinks for free ;-) )
Good luck on your way to more traffic!


21 April 2009

The One Minute Guide Explained!

Hello guys and gals,

in this blog i will give you many short guides for BETTER HEALTH, SELF DEVELOPMENT & GROWTH, EARN MONEY OPPORTUNITIES and other easy to understand explanations for your everyday life.

Some of the Guides will be sponsored reviews or paid links but they will represent MY HONEST OPINION.

I don't support companies in which i am not satisfied or which offer products who look like SCAM or could lead to FINANCIAL FRAUD.

You can be sure, if you are interested in these products, that they are also a good choice for you!

Have a great time with my ONE MINUTE GUIDES, now and in the future!



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