18 August 2009

How can i maximize my earnings in Adgitize?

Adgitize Firework contest - win cash prizes and ads In June i earned over 20$ (payment proof), in July and August again more than 20$, deducting the advertising cost of 14$ it's a gain of more than 6$ + over 2.500 visitors. This means i got paid + visitors!

It's one more good reason to join Adgitize and the other one will follow soon!

In case you don't know yet, there are already new earning opportunities.

How can i maximize my earnings in Adgitize?

Look at my earn more money with Adgitize list and you see that you have to do only two things daily!
  1. Publish ONE article on your blog - 100 points

  2. Click all available ads - another 100 points

  3. Get more traffic/page views - Put two ad groups with a maximum of 10 ads on your blogs. I got usually around 100 to 250 page views which equals to 1.500 to 3.000 ad views, for that you can get 10 page view points and 25 ad view points. After joining as advertiser and dropping more cards in Entrecard my page views reached 2.000 to 2.700 equal to over 10.000 ad views, for this you will receive 60 page view points and 100 ad view points.
    100 points are available when you get daily around 10.000 page views :-(

  4. Advertise on Adgitize and get the spent money one month later back:
    You can earn around 35 to 50 cents more each day when you would advertise (and visit other blogs + blog yourself each day), this would mean you earn 11 $ - 18 $ more each month. And one month advertisement is just 14 $!

  5. Find referrals for Adgitize and earn additional up to 5 $ for their first advertisement and if they prolong their advertisement, you will get 1$ for every monthly renewal!
I have an special offer for Entrecard members:

You will get
  1. 500 ECs for joining Adgitize (putting the code on your blogs) and
If you decide to advertise (the first time) with Adgitize
  1. you will get 50% of my referral earnings (3$) via paypal (after approval from Adgitize), if you continue to advertise the following months you'll get each month 0,50 $ Cashback!

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