24 April 2011

Pretty Girl makes you an unbelievable offer - Blopper of the Day

Would you like to hire this pretty girl to hold up a sign for you... for just 5 $?

Check it out and tell me if you would do it :)

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04 April 2011

GoDaddy video: Are you supporting the elephant slaughter of GoDaddys CEO Bob Parsons?

GoDaddy is well know for its controversial advertisement videos to promote their web hosting service to the world. Now the CEO of GoDaddy, Mr. Dr. Bob Parsons, made a new move to cause controversy on his personal twitter account on 14th March 2011.
Bob Parsons published a video of his holiday trip to Zimbabwe in which he showed how he killed an elephant bull with his riffle (at night), all in the name of helping starving villagers.

Not sure if he knew that PETA is one of GoDaddy's customers but it's not only them who have already turned their back and moved to other registrars or hosting companies.
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