18 December 2009

Adgitize / EntreCard-Members: Join my Twitter list @cornyman !

In the last week i started to build two twitter lists for Adgitize and EntreCard members. With these lists you can track the events and messages from the members easily, no distraction from other tweets!

One advantage of these lists are that you don't have to follow all these members, you just follow the list and can choose which of the included members you like to follow (so your time line won't get messed up with unnecessary tweets :) ).

In case you want to join and follow the list simply leave me a comment on this post or send me an @cornyman (click this link) in Twitter, please include in your comment/message if you are only EntreCard/Adgitize member or both.

That's all, i will add you to my list and you can follow these lists already now:



Have fun and start connecting with other EntreCard and Adgitize members!

By the way on Cornyman's Money-Blog has already the $ 777 Adgitize Ad Giveaway started!

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