25 December 2009

Twitter: How to unfollow a list

Many members of Twitter use the new list feature already and made additional followers for their own lists. But there are also some cases in which members build lists to warn other members about the included list members.

These cases can include
  • Spam
  • Idiots
  • political incorrect words
I guess you won't be included in a list who is called

  1. My Spammers
  2. Idiotic tweeter
  3. Dumb-ass
In this case you have to unfollow this list.

Step 1:

Visit the profile of the member from whose list you want to disappear.

Step 2:

Click on the TOOL button beside the LIST Button

Step 3:

Click on BLOCK (Twitter user name)


After you blocked the member, you won't be anymore on the list of this member!

If you want to follow the member again simply "unblock" the member by clicking on the link in the profile, you still are no more on the list (until the member would put you up again).

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