13 July 2009

What is Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a word connected with the statistics of your website. It's one of the important indicators how successful your website's content is to other visitors (quality visit!).

Google's definition of the bounce rate:
The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page’.
This means that a reader just looked at your main or landing page (in case you gave a direct link to one of your articles) and afterwards the reader bounced off your page (left it via another link or closed the window).

How can i lower my bounce rate?

For some owner of websites it's important to lower their bounce rate. There are different methods which you can try to get a better figure of your bounce rate:

  1. Write more often an article instead of just once a week
  2. Lower the shown articles on your blog's entrance page from 7 to 3.
  3. Make suggestions at the end of each article which other articles might be of interest on your website (3 to 5 other post should be enough)
  4. Write Articles in several parts, keep user attracted to read through them
  5. Try to use pictures and catchy, sometimes controversial titles
  6. Try different designs and navigation methods once in a while
Sometimes it's not possible to lower your bounce rate significantly because of certain specific content (for example dictonaries, product reviews, sales page) or if you use certain kind of traffic exchange where you get rewarded by watching or just opening a website and after a specific time you can close it and move on to the next one.

Do you have any other methods to reduce your bounce rate? Share them in the comments, they are all welcome and help other readers to lower their own bounce rate!

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