18 October 2009

How to get rid of ants -Part II-

This article is a compilation of the comments i received from my first article about How to get rid of ants in the house / kitchen.

The advices of the following visitors have been:


Ant traps are always an option. Try to put them where the ants enter the house, that way it's the first thing they find and carry the yummy poison home right away.

I'm pretty sure I also heard that ants wont cross a line of salt. So if you know where they come in, you can make a barrier. This isn't a permanent solution, just something to help while you clean up whatever is attracting them. I'd double check that one though.

Daisy the Curly Cat wrote:

Well, it doesn't get rid of the ants, but there is a great product called "The Antser." It's a small raised platform that has a water-filled moat on the inside. The ants cannot cross the barrier. Use it to put pet food bowls and the ants stay out of the food. You can also place your kitchen trash can on it to keep the ants away. And it's completely safe and non-toxic!

1. Boil a pot of water.
2. Dissolve in some sugar (about one cup).
3. Add Boric Acid (amount equal to the sugar).
4. Boil for two minutes.
5. Let cool.
6. Leave in saucers or containers that ants can get into around the house.
7. Wait.

Ants will find the sweet mixture and start to eat it and take it back to the hive. It will at first appear that your ant problem will get worse, but then it should stop completely.
What happens is that the boric acid will dehydrate them and then they will die in the hive but, not before they deliver more "poison" to the hive. This mixture is should be kept away from animals and children but, is unlikely to harm them.

i use cayenne pepper (have not tried the black pepper), and so far it is also very effective in scaring the ants away.

Krystal from Solsisters Handbags wrote

Very lightly dust counters (almost so you can't even see it) with boric acid
Lucky Girl from Make everyday your lucky day mentioned

My favorite ant fixer is instant grits. Sprinkle them around the problem areas dry (it doesn't work if the grits get wet). The ants will eat the grits, the grits swell with the moisture in the ant's digestive system, and POP! go the ants.
Thank you to everyone for your suggestion. I hope these new suggestions might also been helpful for other readers who face the problem "How can i get rid of ants in my house / kitchen".

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