29 October 2009

How to use Google to get the best results -Part I-

Google, Inc.

What are you doing when you open Google ?

Do you just type in a keyword or a sentence and look on the first page which results Google presents you?

Hmm, perhaps you should take another look at Google and use it's full power by choosing different settings for your search results?

Here my series of "How to get the best search results with Google" will start. You will find a lot of new options and settings to get better search results and perhaps find some other interesting stuff with Google!

Show options

Did you recognize already that after you entered your keyword, you will see in the top left corner under the search term a link named "Show options"?

What is hidden behind this link?

First of all, it will open a small menu on the left hand side of your search results. There you can find the following items and new search and filter options

  1. All results, video, blogs, forums
  2. Any time, recent results, results from the last hour, 24 hours, past week, past year, specific date range
  3. Standard view, Related searches, Wonder wheel
  4. Standard results, Image from the pages, Fewer/more shopping sites, more text
Let's look for today on the first two options. Sometimes you just want to find results which are not from the mainstream media or the news agencies.

Therefore you can choose now more precisely the information, may it be just what persons are writing about this topic on their blogs or in forums or if they posted some videos about your specific keyword.

Now you could narrow your results a little bit more by not only choosing a specific website category but also by choosing different time frames.

If the news is so actual like perhaps the death of a celebrity like Micheal Jackson, in this case it happen that Google shows you older news at first as they are already established and kind of "branded"!
Then it could be necessary that you just want to see the most actual news which were released in the last hour or in the past 24 hours. Click the links and you will get the desired results within a second.

After you choose one of the time options, another option appears - Sort by relevance or sort by date. You can play with these now, too. Usually relevance is more useful for me :)

It will be from now on an easy game for youb y clicking the link "Show options" to find faster, easier and better search results in Google!

Next time we look at the last two options and some more tweaks for better search results in Google!

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