12 June 2009

How to drop faster Entrecards

EntreCardThis is a post just for the members of Entrecard who
  • have less time but also want to earn some ECs for advertising on other blogs or for cashout
  • want to find the EntreCard-Widget faster
  • may need a "special" list of EntreCard members (instead of using the EntreCard-Inbox)
I found some pages which offer EntreCard lists for a faster dropping and at the end of this post some amazing tools (widget pop-up)/plug-in/add-ons:

  • The first one is from AskMrsRecipe, one of my loyal dropper -> EntreCard Droplist (more than 300 blogs)
  • The second one is from The Matthias Chronicles, loyal dropper, too -> EntreCard Droplist (more than 300 blogs, with screenshots)
  • In January Junkfoodaholic made an "above the fold" list. There the Drop Widget are all on/near the top of the page (no/less scrolling) -> EntreCard Above the fold Droplist

  • In May 2009 Blog with Wings made an "above the crease" list which is similar to Junkfoodaholic's list -> EntreCard Above the crease Droplist

  • Buraot made his "fast dropper list" already a year ago (by clicking on one of the number 10 Tabs will be opened automatically!) -> EntreDropper

  • For Slogbite members is also a special EntreCard Droplist available -> EntreCard Droplist

  • Special list for Chinese members (who cannot access Blogspot/Blogger.com-Webpages!). There is also a list for shared Adgitize/EntreCard-Blogs available (by clicking on one of the symbols several windows will be opened automatically!) -> EntreCard Non-Blogspot Droplist + Chinarens EC/Adgi Double Whammy Droplist

  • Trader's Hub has published his EntreCard Droplist in a widget which you can place on your blog and increase the page rank of everyone else (yourself included) -> EntreCard Droplist Widget

  • This list from Voice of Bragg is completely different. There you don't have to visit the webpage of the blogs. It just shows the little yellow "drop" button of the member. You click on it and then you have already visited the "blog" -> EntreCard Fast Droplist

  • On the website from ECATF you can find

    Their list include members who have a high popularity (means they drop back) and a second list provides members who display the Top Droppers on their Frontpage or give them once a month link love by posting their Top Droppers (backlinks)!

    They provide some additional tools for Adgitize and Entrecard on their frontpage.

  • There are some Ringsurf List available if you like to drop your cards this way (the widgets are usually above the fold) -> EntreCard Ringsurf Nr. 362 and EntreCard Ringsurf Nr. 876

  • On MamaFlo's Place you can find a "drop" list with blogs who don't accept paid ads (fully 24 hours exposure for your EC paid ads) -> No Paid Ad Blog Droplist

  • The list at The Troubled Economy is from April 2009 and at the moment there are still over 100 links left so that the list reach the 300 mark! -> EntreCard Droplist

  • The list at To Make money online is very new, you can add your link there and can choose one of the nice badges for your blog, too -> EntreCard Droplist
  1. Another possiblity would be to create your own favorite list with the help of the EntreCard-Toolbar for Firefox. There you can add the blogs you like (or/and the one who dropped back at you) by clicking on the "Heart"-Symbol. The next time you only have to click on the arrow (when you want to open 10 windows immediately, click on the double arrow-symbol) and the favorite blog(s) will be displayed.

  2. Now we get to the ultimate fast Dropper-Entrecard-Tool. Today Dustin from Blogfiction posted his Entrecard-Pop-up tool for Firefox.

    In connection with the Firefox Browser, the add-on Greasemonkey and his tool-code it's possible that the Entrecard-Widget will be always displayed in the left corner of your page!

    Just open all the desired EntreCard windows and then let the Pop-up display the widget in the left corner, simply click with the mouse on the "Drop"-Button and close the actual window with Ctrl+F4 or change to the next window with Ctrl+Tab.

  3. For Wordpress you can download since one year a special Entrecard Popper Plugin (i saw it only once last week while dropping) which makes this pop-up automatically for your EntreCard widget (no matter which Internet Browser). Here you can download the WordPress Plugin Entrecard Popper.

Please inform me if you would like your own EntreCard Droplist mentioned in this article or if you have other methods which help the members to drop faster and easier our Entrecards!

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