08 June 2009

What is Twitter?

Twitter - social network and micro-blog

Twitter is already an establish social networking and micro-blogging website. It was founded in 2006.

Members of Twitter use this service to write/inform each other about their life, news or updates. These updates are called tweets.

Tweets are up to 140 characters long messages which can be sent directly to other members (called followers) or which are posted on your own profile page. There they are available for everyone to read.

Twitter doesn't announce how many user they have but it is estimated that there are over 6 million accounts.

On Twittercounter you can see your own statistic about your growing followers and you can watch the statistics from other members, e.g. the TOP 10 with the most followers.

If you are looking for new or more followers who follow you back to increase your exposure, you can have a look on these websites.
They are free of charge and you can get at the moment more than 400 followers. This section will be updated with new Twitter-"follower"-services in the coming weeks!

  1. Twitterfollower.com
  2. Get more Twitter followers
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