18 September 2009

TOP Answers about SEO -Part TWO-

4. What are Link Farms and Link Exchanges?

As Search engines don't accept any link they came up in connection with your website, the given link should be from a relevant quality website. Don't participate in link farming. Search engines will penalize you, in case they think your links are lack of quality.

Both -Link farming and link exchanging- are the essence of exchanging reciprocal links with Web sites in order to improve your search engine ranking. But a link farm is a Web page that solely purpose is to link to other sites. Simply stay away from link farms.

When you generate a link from another site, it is better to be relevant to your niche and should come from a real web site.

5. Take care of Duplicate Content!

The definition of duplicate content is from a web page which contains the identical content. Search engines will give you a penalty for this.
How can you avoid duplicate content?
By not publishing the same article in several locations for example submitting to different article directories. Use the tools that are available online to help you re-write your content so that it is 30%, 40%, and even 50% different.
However, the best way to avoid duplicate content is to simply write new content.

6. How do I Find the Right Keywords?

There are several steps to finding the most profitable keywords. The first step is to generally do a bit of brainstorming and come up with a list of keywords you think people will use in search engines to find your website or products.
The next step is to research supply and demand for those particular keywords. In our case supply means how many other websites are using those same keywords and demand is how many people are looking for those particular keywords.The key is to find keywords with high demand and relatively low supply.
There are many effective and useful keyword tools to help you find this information and to generate keyword ideas. Once you decide on a few keywords, it may be useful to do a bit of testing before you commit to them.

To be continued soon...

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