19 November 2009

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13 November 2009

Prevent cancer with these 10 foods ingredients!

In case you heard from other persons who had already cancer, it's most likely that they will tell you of a life changing event. Many of these cancer survivors will tell you that it is important to find the right foods which
  • will help your body to regain strength and
  • help you to keep you much healthier after you won the fight
  • could prevent cancer in your body at all
The modern research has shown that some ingredients in fruits and vegetables exists which help them to prevent developing diseases!

These "chemicals" are called phytochemicals and some of them can be found in:

  1. Flavonoids: found in red cabbage, beetroot, red onion and tomatoes, which inhibits cancer.

  2. Glucosinolates: found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables, which were found to prevent cancer of the intestines.

  3. Carotenoids: found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables; stimulates the immune system.

  4. Sulfides: found in onions, garlic, chives as well as spring onions; they have anti cancer protection.

  5. Lycopene: found in tomatoes, reduces the risk of both prostate and breast cancer.

  6. Sulforaphane: are in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables believed to aid in the preventing some types of cancer.

These phytochemicals are in freshly grown plant food but are destroyed or removed by modern processing.

The following food items have been found beneficial to a person with cancer:
  1. Red grapes: which contain resperatrol, also found in red wine.

  2. Turmeric: a member of the ginger family. Its active ingredients are curcumin and possesses numerous anti cancer properties. This is the yellow in curry powder.

  3. Garlic: contains allium and several studies has shown it to be an anti cancer agent.

  4. Ginger: has an anti cancer effect on the human body as it blocks the tendency of some carcinogens to cause mutations in the DNA.

As always, i'm not a doctor and everyone is responsible for their own actions. This is just a compilation of foods which could be preventing cancer and stopping the money-intensive treatments in chemo therapies and so on.
For sure, most of the doctors don't want to tell you this as they make a living from sick clients and not from healthy ones.

But it's always better to prevent disease yourself than taking your time to wait at the doctor for giving you some medicines which have sometimes more side effects than doing much good to your body.


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