13 January 2010

Twitter: How to be on Google's 1st page!

Twitter - social network and micro-blogYesterday one of the developer of Google's real-time search has been interviewed by The Technology Review magazine about the topic on how Google ranks Tweets.

Interesting as it is, he mentioned that it is similar to the PageRank model. There it's necessary that you get as much back links from related blogs and websites (best is high-quality -> with better PageRank as yourself) to climb higher in your PageRank.

In Twitter the ranking of your tweets works in this way:

If you are in connection with a lot of members who tweet about similar topics -Iphone as example- then Google will "look" who your reputed followers are (like how many websites with PageRank 6 link to your blog). If you are yourself reputed, then you give some of this reputation to other followers who follow you (Link juice called in PageRank methodology).

Even with less followers you could get on Page ONE in Google, if you have some Iphone-Gurus who follow you or if you are already an Iphone-Guru :)

A red flag is set by Google if you use Hashtags in your tweets as Google treats this for now as SPAMMY, even when it's a helpful search option within Twitter (perhaps because of this Google won't display such tweets).

Five steps for your Tweet on Google's 1st page
  1. Quit Twitter follower programs: They don't give you targeted followers to reach a good position in a Google search

  2. Use Hashtags more carefully if you want to get into a good Google search position

  3. Get targeted Twitter follower, use Twitter's own search and type in your keywords, follow the persons you like because of their tweets or use Buzzom (the only difference is you won't see the tweet but it's faster to follow targeted persons, there you can unfollow persons, too)

  4. Try to get mentioned by other Twitter members as this increases your popularity within your followers and your soon-to-be-followers -> Retweet other members tweets more often

  5. As always Google has implemented some secret algorithm to find the "signal in the noise" for which tweet will be shown in the search (if you think of Obama and millions of tweets, it's more likely that it will be related to an actual topic).

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