08 July 2010

Time traveler predicted World Cup final!

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On 13th June a time traveler posted in a Chinese Internet forum (Baidu) a message about the actual 2010 FIFA World Cup final in South Africa. The time traveler calls himself "X from the future" (X来自未来) and his message is the following:

I come from the near future, I know that many people tend to put me there. If you believe it is a joke, I would like to first give you some facts of evidence.

I want to give a very simple evidence, the world is most concerned about the World Cup finals. It will be both the Netherlands and Spain, the Netherlands beat Spain 2-1, Sneijder and another you could not guess now. I hope my words do not spread to South Africa before the World Cup finals, otherwise I fear that the mentality of the affected players could changed history.

A month later I will come back, then I hope you all like to believe my remarks about the future!
This time traveler could accumulate almost 44.000 fans/followers (24 hours later already more than 54.000) in Baidu within the last 4 weeks and many of these fans started betting on both teams, Netherlands and Spain, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
He said a few days afterwards that the future already changed because of his given prediction and that SPAIN will win now with 1:0 - but this post got deleted by the Baidu officials - that's why it was not mentioned in the original post! This means the prediction of X from the future became true!

Some complained already that the betting quotes have declined in the previous days as too many have made their bet for a win of Netherlands or Spain in the quarter and semi-finals ;-)

Do you believe that time travel will be possible in the nearby future?
For me it seems like there's a big chance of time traveling as the results are accurate (by taking the names of the 2010 FIFA World Cup finalists, the result of the goals can only be known on the night of 11th July 2010). Even Stephen Hawking announced in May 2010 that time travel can be possible.

Perhaps we just wait and look out for the news which "X from the future" will deliver on 13th of July....

What do you think... are you betting now on a victory of Netherlands in the 2010 FIFA World Cup? ;-)

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