05 May 2011

Aids-like Disease spreading in China with hundreds of persons infected!

Main symptoms of acute HIV infection. Sources ...Image via WikipediaAt the moment there is not much knowledge of this "new" virus outside of China as their government is keeping the ball low on this topic.
The highly contagious disease is spreading mainly in China since the Year 2000 but got more and more attention and investigative reports in the last two or three years throughout China.

The most important symptoms of this illness (on the left side is a picture with the symptoms of an acute HIV infection as comparison):
  1. Starts with flu-like symptoms like coughing and fever
  2. Swollen lymph nodes on the neck
  3. sore knees with clicking sounds
  4. pain all over the body
  5. vomit after every meal which leads to a fast weight loss
Additional symptoms (which don't appear in the normal HIV patients):
  1. white tongue "fur"
  2. lack of elasticity in the skin
  3. excessive joint pains
  4. muscle spasms
  5. sensation of skin-crawling

The Group of people who suffer from this sickness calls it "Negative HIV" because all of them tested several times "Negative" on HIV but still have the same/similar symptoms.
The infection seems to be transmitted more easily than AIDS / HIV. It is said that every human fluid can transmit the unknown virus like kissing, spiting or even touching sweat. That's why usually whole families and their relatives suffer from the disease.

More information about this topic can be found here:

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