30 January 2011

Pictures of the Protests in Egypt - Women in the Focus

I guess everyone heard, read or watched already a lot about the recent protests which happened in January in Tunisia and now in Egypt. But not many of the international press and media (and completely to forget about the Egyptian press) are focusing on the women behind the protests. The number of the women are now growing as they see a big chance for themselves to claim more rights and achieving a much better life in freedom.
No matter in which Egyptian city you look (Cairo, Alexandria and many more), wherever there is and has been a protest women are taking part and not only in the background. More and more of them are brave enough to show up in the first row or even in confrontation with the military like the following pictures will show you!

Blessed be the people in Egypt, so that they may receive the freedom for which they are fighting!

Please ReTweet this message, so that the Egyptians can still access Twitter via mobile phone as the government has now blocked all major DSL connections!
Tweet by simply leaving a voicemail at ( +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855) #egypt #Jan25 #cairo PLS RETWEET!

The pictures are taken from Leil-Zahra Mortada's Facebook photo album called "Women of Egypt".
More links to other pictures and recent news of the Egyptian protests are following after a part of Leil-Zahra Mortada's "Women of Egypt" screenshot.

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More picture galleries of the protests in Egypt added daily!

Tagesschau - German national news television Gallery of protests in Egypt
TotallyCoolPix (great images collection of many recent events, not only the protests in Egypt!)
Daylife's photo grid of the protests in Cairo and Alexandria
Allvoices - Pictures of young women in Egypt protests
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26 January 2011

Cruel Dog abuse in Malaysia - video by Doreen Loo

These days a video about a cruel and horrific way to teach their puppy dog to stand appeared in the Asian television & newspapers and is spreading like wildfire in Facebook and Twitter.

There's even a hunt going on for the persons who are involved in these cruel poodle puppy abuse. It seems to be a couple from Malaysia as the video was found on a pendrive in KLCC shopping complex (Kuala Lumpur in the Petronas Twin Towers) Their names seems to be Doreen Loo (the girl friend who took the video), (dog abuser) Champ Alan or Allan Tan.

More information about this couple, still pictures of the video and the involved persons + a 5 minute video of the horrific poodle dog abuse can be found on the Ye5-Blog.
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