22 February 2011

EQNZ - Christchurch earthquake - latest media updates now available!

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 22:  Resc...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeOn 3rd of September 2010 i wrote about the earthquake which happened in Christchurch, New Zealand with a magnitude of 7.0 with ZERO dead and just a few injured persons.
Today (on 22nd February 2011) a new major earthquake -or should we say aftershock (as the earth didn't really stop to shake in Christchurch in the last 5 1/2 months) - took place in Christchurch with a magnitude of 6.3. It killed more than 75 persons, 125 persons could be rescued after one day but there seem to be still 100s of person missing and probably stuck under the collapsed buildings in the rubble.
UPDATE 27.02.2010: Death toll will likely top 200 persons!

The updated blog post can be found here: Pictures and videos of the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake.

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