03 September 2010

Pictures and Video of Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 22:  Resc...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeUPDATE: Another earthquake with a magnitude of 6+ stroke Christchurch during lunchtime on 22nd February 2011 devastating a large area of the city and killing more than 75 persons. More than 125 persons could still be rescued from collapsed buildings since the quake happened but still more persons are expected under the rubble of these buildings! (Update 27.02.2011: Death toll will top most likely 200 persons during this weekend!

In case you want to know if your relatives are safe get your information from the Red Cross missing person line now active. In NZ: 0800 REDCROSS (0800 733 276). From outside: +64 7 850 2199

From 23rd February 2001 at 11 am there should be drinking water available from various primary schools, please bring your own drinking containers to fill! via @ChristchurchCC

Christchurch City Council has now its own Twitter account - get informations from their account here: @ChristchurchCC

Contribute your pictures to the Flickr Christchurch Earthquake Group Pool (over 100 members, more than 700 pictures including the earthquake from September 2010)

★ How to donate to the chch NZ earthquake fund➛ http://www.redcross.org.nz/donate

Did a Valentine’s Day tweet predict Christchurch quake? http://tinyurl.com/49aqcy6

Video Coverage of the Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand with some explicit pictures of victims!

Links to more pictures collections, videos & news can be found in the middle and at the end of the article.

Around 4:35 am on 4th September 2010 a very massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake woke up many residents of the city Christchurch in New Zealand.
After the earth "stopped" shaking widespread damages and several power cuts have been reported by the civil defense minister of New Zealand (state of emergency declared).

Christchurch is the second-largest city of New Zealand with a population of 372.000. CNN reported that there have been 2 injured persons in the hospital after the massive earthquake and several strong aftershocks had happened. Scientists predict that a big aftershock will be likely after this destructive Canterbury quake.

Why the aftershocks and when will they stop? - Expert explains

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The following pictures have been made and published by @Polarbearfarm in their yfrog-stream and can be shared with their credits.
At first have a look at the video of the impressions of the Earthquake victims and the devastated city of Christchurch recorded some hours after the Earthquake happened!

More resources and updates of the Canterbury Earthquake (news & photos & videos) can be found below the images and at the end of the post.

Live footage of a Security camera at the moment when the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake happened (from Associated Press), don't be irritated from the screenshot:

Street view picture after earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Street view photos after earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand damaged houses building crumbles on street

Street view picture after earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

building crumbles on street photo after earthquake in Christchurch, New ZealandLinks to other pictures, photos, images and videos of the Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

More photos of the New Zealand Earthquake which struck Christchurch can be found in the yfrog-stream of @PolarBearFarm.
Another collection of pictures from the Christchurch South New Zealand earthquake can be found on Crashbang and on Flickr the excellent photostream of Redbox Photography.

An amazing 1:18 minute footage from a flyover of the 'fault trace' from the NZ earthquake (GNS Scientists make an initial aerial assessment of the fault trace southwest of Christchurch)

TIME - Slide Show with photos from the New Zealand earthquake in Christchurch (#chch)

NEW: Flickr Christchurch Earthquake Group Pool with 700+ images from 61 members (and increasing each day) + Special Post on official Flickr Blog!

Links to other news article, facts or general informations about the Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand earthquake (updated at least twice daily)

Most often used Hashtags in Twitter to find news about the New Zealand earthquake: #eqnz #eqchch #chch


Until 6. November 2010 (more than 60 days after the first strong earthquake stroke Christchurch) there have been more than 2.500 Aftershocks. Just on 5th November have been again 11 earthquakes, one reached again a magnitude of more than 4.

For everyone who has damages on their buildings, offices, cars and so on from the Christchurch earthquake, you should check out the post from the New Zealand Herald on How to make an Insurance claim through the New Zealand Earthquake Commission

Water restrictions were lifted for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula residents in the night of 8th September, boiling water no more necessary.

The New Zealand Red Cross offers some basic guides for coping with emergencies (useful during earthquakes, its aftershocks, other disasters or general emergencies)
- Recovering from an emergency for young people
- Recovering from an emergency - Key Information

Another blog post especially for supporting children during an Earthquake and aftershocks was written by Dr. Sarb Johal

An interesting blog post by Kalena which asks about your #firstthreetweets after or during the Christchurch earthquake on 4th September. Simply tweet with this hashtag and she might add your #firstthreetweets to her growing list!

Another blog post which should grab your attention is called The Lessons of an Earthquake.

Two major aftershock earthquakes (low depth of less than 10 km) hit Christchurch again in the morning of 8th September with magnitudes of 4.4 and 5.1 ! A Power Out appeared for several minutes, persons get evacuated from hotels and inner city businesses, new cracks appearing in buildings!

In Kaiapoi CBD out of 71 buildings only 18 are safe. 31 have restricted access and 22 are unsafe.

In 1931, Napier had 7.8 earthquake & 525 aftershocks in first 2 weeks. On 30th September there have been up to 800+ aftershocks in the first 4 weeks & still counting. Source: Geonet & NZ Herald

Two earthquakes hit the North Island at Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa between 10 and 11 am of 7th September with 5.2 and 3.6 magnitude, no damage reported but widely felt throughout the area.

A website has been set up for Canterbury residents.

Spammy Scam emails are hitting email-accounts claiming they are sites to donate money for Christchurch New Zealand earthquake fund. Beware. Only trust reliable sources like Red Cross.

The earthquake happened at a new fault line and comes as a big "surprise" to the scientists!

Now more than 500 houses condemned and over 20 houses inhabitable!
Latest news from 6th September write about two thirds of the buildings in Christchurch have been damaged by the earthquake and dozen of aftershocks!
Gale force winds in the last hours let more of the loose bricks crash down to the streets and interrupt restoration of Christchurch

Other news report of a record number of births in Christchurch on the day of the earthquake, Saturday 4th September (21, highest for Saturday)!

An interesting blog post about the experience during the Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand: 13 things I learned from an earthquake

Coveritlive.com - Live Stream of incoming Tweets about the Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake!

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Christchurch and New Zealand as it will take time to build up everything and the rainy/stormy weather won't do any good in this situation!
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