01 September 2010

Real Alien appears during live interview in South American TV?

We all know the stories about flying saucers or UFOs after the World War II and the well known mystery which is surrounding the case of Roswell (1947) in which the US military may have recovered an alien spacecraft (with dead or living aliens).

In this video it seems like a real alien is walking down the hill towards the car of the Television team. But it maybe just a Nordic walker or someone who walks with a dog ;)

In the end everyone is for yourself the judge if you could believe that this is an Extraterrestrial being or just a human or if it's kind of a manipulated video.

The Live Interview was made on 8 of August 2010 on Channel 2 in Santa Cruz, Argentina, South America.

Enjoy the video and leave a comment what you believe!

Why did i tell you in advance that the possible alien could be a Nordic Walker or a person who walks with a dog?
Our mind is kind of fixed to believe about what we read already and this belief gets usually stronger after we saw pictures or videos of the "Alien". Now your eyes might look much closer to this Extraterrestrial being to judge if it's a real alien or just a human being with a dog or with two walking sticks.

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