13 September 2010

VIDEO: San Bruno Gas Explosion in California caught on tape

On 9th September 2010 an unbelievable natural gas pipeline explosion happened at the rural area of San Bruno in California.

Today the video footage of an surveillance security camera from a nearby Gas station which caught the fire blast of this San Bruno, California Natural Gas pipeline explosion has been published by Associated Press - This is the first footage after the 30-inch diameter PG&E Corp. Gas pipeline explosion happened.

The Gas explosion did cost 8 persons their lives (as of 30th September - more updates at the end of the post). Over 50 houses are inhabitable or destroyed, around 300 houses have little or no damage.
PG&E Corp. did setup a relief fund with $100 million to support residents and city facilities (not included claims for injuries or wrongful death).

First live videos reports of the Gas pipe explosion (9th September 20 - 30 minutes after the explosion happened) taken from a Chopper concluded that it was most likely a plane crash that caused the fires in an entire neighborhood of San Bruno (CBS NEWS).

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  1. i just saw this on the news this morning. what a terrible thing! i pray for all those who didn't survive, those who were hurt, all those who were affected.



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